Upgrade Your Skin Care with the Oil-Cleansing Method

Revealing a beautiful complexion at home has never been more affordable, non-toxic, gentle, or effective.


Plus, it smells nice too!

Why you should make the change:

Traditional facial cleansing/moisturizing products almost always contain toxic ingredients which slowly poison you from the inside out. I.e. Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Petrochemicals etc. Check out this article and more to brush yourself up on these unhealthy, cancer-causing additives.


The good news is:

You don’t need to spend your money on these poisonous products OR pricey “all-natural” facial cleansers or lotions. Ever. 

You can cultivate glowing, healthy, happy skin with ONE (edible) tool AT HOME.

Coconut Oil. The Oil Cleansing Method. I was introduced to this efficient method a year ago, and have been a convert ever since.

If using oil on your skin freaks you out, remember that Oil Dissolves Oil. When you wash your face with oil, it dissolves the dirty oils on your skin and replaces them with good, clean, healthy oils.

Take a look at the ingredients in Dr. Bronner’s soaps, or any of the new paraben-free, all-natural skin-care products. They’re all comprised of oil. Just a simple combination of oils–that’s it! And they’re almost always based, if not exclusively made, with coconut oil.

That‘s because oil is the most effective and healthy way of cleansing the oils on our skin. Period. 

Coconut Oil also has Anti-bacterial, Anti-viral, and Anti-fungal properties which help with healing and preventing blemishes and keeping your skin clean.

The oil-cleansing method is easy, it feels great, and it’s super healthy for all skin types.

Here is what I believe to be the most simple and effective cleansing method for any skin type:

Oil-Cleansing Method:

  1. Wet your face with water.
  2. Using a quarter-teaspoon of Virgin Coconut Oil (from a trusted source), gently rub the oil into the skin on face and neck using small circles, working your way up to the forehead. You can do this for up to one minute. This part is fun! It should feel enjoyable and gentle, like a mini-facial.
  3. Get a washcloth wet with hot water (Not too hot! You want it to be just creating steam, but not so hot that it irritates your skin).
  4. Place the warm washcloth over your face and feel the steam melting the oil and working into your pores. Gently wipe away the oil in a patting-motion.
  5. You’re done! Your skin should look glowing-clean and feel fresh! If you have dry skin, you can even put a teensy bit of oil back on your face, and violàYou have a perfectly washed and moisturized face, from ingredients safe and good enough to eat!

A Few Tips:

  • Work in a little Baking Soda with the oil while you wash for an exfoliating facial-scrub!
  • This method works great especially for makeup-removal. The oil dissolves anything, including the hardest-to-remove waterproof and long-lasting makeups. Check out the Detoxinista’s great article and forum on healthy makeup options to complete your skin-care upgrade.
  • Coconut oil is great all over the body. So good, it has even been used traditionally in cultures near the equator for sunscreen! (Being a Ginger, I am careful with this one, but have found nothing better than coconut oil and a hint of raw aloe vera juice for after-sun skin care.)

Hope you enjoy this simple and healthy new way to cleanse and moisturize!