Benefits of Bentonite Clay

I love starting my day with Bentonite Clay.

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Bentonite Clay is a naturally sourced clay and an alkalizing supplement which rids your body of pesticides, pathogens and heavy metals, helping your body run smoothly and efficiently.

I notice I feel more balanced and energetic when I consume it– it’s one of my new favorite things to keep around!

How it Works: 

Bentonite clay is comprised of super-absorbent ions with a negative-charge, while most heavy metals and pathogens have a positivecharge. As the surfaces of the clay move through your body, these unwanted toxins are drawn with physical magnetism to the clay. The clay absorbs these particles and releases healthy minerals in place.

I’ve had great luck with this liquid source so far, but in the future I will be using powdered clay–it makes fantastic toothpaste (more on that to come).

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Check out this article for some important information on Bentonite Clay, and give it a try!