Birch Tree Sweetened Breath Mints!

These mints are sugarfree and sweetened with Birchwood Xylitol–a natual sugar alcohol extracted from the bark of the Birch tree!

Chemical-free, natural, sugar-free, and fresh; I’ve been totally hooked on ’em lately.

image (54)In February, I resolved to cut out aspartame and other toxic sugar-free sweeteners of my diet for good.

While it is easy to identify artificial sweeteners in something like soda, it’s important to remember that unhealthy fake sweeteners are in things we consume every day, including common Toothpastes, Floss, Chewing Gums and Breath Mints. 

The folks with Ice Chips  have created a delicious alternative to sucralose and aspartame-sweetened mints, and have made tons of new flavors including cranberry, immunity, and ginger (I carry the ginger one around for stomach upset).

photo (6)

So far, the peppermint is my absolute favorite. Not only does it taste like a candy cane, but the non-GMO birchwood xylitol kills bacteria that causes bad-breath while the peppermint oil leaves lasting freshness!

Watch out when you bring these out in a crowd–they’re so delicious it can be hard to stop!

Hope you enjoy!

Alkalizing Grapefruit Seed Extract

Grapefruit Seed Extract is a highly effective alkalizing substance that’s easy to ingest, can be used topically, and exerts antifungal, antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral, and even antibiotic properties.


Another important benefit of grapefruit seed-extract is that it alkalizes the blood. Alkalizing body fluids can be defined as raising the pH level.  Raising the pH level is an important health regeneration benefit; because disease causing microforms, such as parasites, fungi, viruses, and bacteria cannot survive in an alkaline oxygenated environment. -source

And remember, Cancer cells cannot thrive in an alkaline environment, and as our common diet is so acid-producing, it’s helpful to consume powerfully alkalizing supplements and foods to achieve balanced health. Check out this helpful article on Grapefruit Seed Extract.

Things to Know About “Stevia-sweetened” Chocolate, and Erythritol

Finding a delicious, dairy-free, sugar-free, chocolate bar that doesn’t use artificial sweeteners can be tough!

That’s why I’m so happy to share the best options I’ve found for a sugarfree sweet-tooth fix:


But first:

What You Should Know About “Stevia-Sweetened” Products:

Most “stevia-sweetened” products available on the market right now are actually primarily sweetened with Erythritol, a sugar-alcohol, which does not spike blood sugar. This Erythritol is most often produced using GMO-Corn–full of pesticides, insecticides, and mutated genes–which should absolutely be avoided, 100%, by anyone following a conscious, cleansing diet.

However, non-GMO versions of this sweetener are much safer and healthier than the alternativesHere is and interesting article on Erythritol, what it is, and how it’s made.

Coco Polo (pictured above) has taken the steps to use Non-GMO Erythritol to sweeten their chocolate, in addition to Stevia. What’s also great is that they’ve left out the hard-to-digest and highly-addictive dairy in their dark chocolate bars (unlike Lily’s, the only other stevia/erythritol-sweetened brand I’ve found and tested so far).

Did I mention these options are delicious!?

My favorite options presently for sugarfree chocolate are:

1.  Homemade! (Coconut Oil, Stevia, Cacao, Vanilla, Sea Salt. Mix ‘n pop in your freezer for some yummy homemade chocolate!)

2.  Rox Chox (Raw, and sweetened with non-GMO Birch-tree Xylitol)


3.  Coco Polo’s Dark Chocolate or Almond Bar

4.  Lily’s Dark or Almond Chocolate Bar


*As with any indulgence, I do not recommend consuming products sweetened with Erythritol on a regular basis–just as a special treat!


Make Your Own Toothpaste

Homemade toothpaste is easy to make and healthier than most alternatives, which often contain artificial sweeteners (toxic, and a cause of bad breath!) and chemicals that soak straight into our bloodstream through our sensitive gums.

photo (3)

While there’s quite a few options (I like this one) available at health food stores (read your ingredients!), I’ve been experimenting with different homemade recipes; here’s the re-mineralizing version I whipped up this morning:

Quick Homemade Toothpaste:

  • 1 Tbs. Baking Soda
  • 1 Tbs. Liquid Bentonite Clay (re-mineralizing)
  • 1 tsp. Non-GMO Xylitol (Anti-bacterial)
  • 1/8 tsp. Cinnamon (Anti-microbial/stimulates blood flow for healthy gums)


  1. Stir all ingredients together (make sure to use glass, wood, or even a bpa-free plastic to mix and contain the toothpaste, as the bentonite clay can soak up heavy metals and other toxins when it comes in contact with anything metal).
  2. Apply to toothpaste to toothbrush as usual and brush away!

Your mouth should feel ultra-clean and your breath should stay extra-fresh all day long.

Mmm… so good for your body and way. too. easy.


Addictive Opiate Qualities of Wheat

A helpful article from Kimberly Snyder about the harmful properties of Wheat (even whole!), and why you should cut it out of your diet for good:

Are You Addicted to Wheat?


I recommend following Kimberly’s advice in the link above, and try being wheat-free for a while to feel the radical difference for yourself.

You’ll likely notice less fatigue, bloating, and think more clearly, too, as well as having a more in-control appetite.

Need some wheat-replacement ideas? Try the rice noodles by Tinkyada, Bragg’s liquid aminos, OR even better, Coconut Aminos (reminds me of ponzu) for soy sauce, and Rice Bread or Quinoa Loaf (toasted, and covered in Virgin Coconut Oil and Himalayan Pink Salt, of course!).

Also, try the Healthiest Fried Zucchini–the wheat-free breading works as a substitute for traditional wheat coatings in any fried dish.


Raw Snacks: Lightweight, Energizing Hiking-Food

Raw foods are my favorite snacks to bring with me on days I have a lot to do, as well as long days hiking.

So, I’m always looking to try new brands and products to find the most delicious and most inspiring raw snacks out there.


Today, when I stopped by Sunshine Foods in St. Helena today to pick up a Coco Polo stevia chocolate bar for a candy bar recipe (delicious, exciting!), I picked up these yummy new raw crackers to bring hiking.

They’re the best tasting raw crackers I’ve tried so far. I love the sunflower seed/spirulina combo for the chlorophyll, sustaining healthy fats, and protein. Inspiring!

I also grabbed a bag of Pachamama Raw Kale Chips.

cheeepsAnother lightweight, high-energy hiking snack! Really, though, I just needed a crunchy snack and vegetables at the same time. Solutions!

I still love the Quite Cheezy Kale Chips by Kaia Foods more (copycat recipe coming soon), but these were tangy and delicious–so much so I might’ve eaten the whole bag…

It’s important to stay hydrated when you eat dehydrated foods, so I try to make it interesting.

My New Favorite Hydrating Beverage:

stevia (1)

Bragg’s Sweet Stevia Apple Cider Vinegar Drink. Nutritious, balancing, and energizing.

Did I mention it’s a brilliant immune-boost, too?

Today I made my own by filling up the old bottle with about 2 Tablespoons of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, and just enough Stevia to make it sweet. I filled the bottle to the top with ice cold water and kept it in the fridge until I left the house. Ice cold, refreshing, and so. good. 

And this afternoon, I made and enjoyed this:

image (46)Raw Cacao Mousse with Maca–Low-Glycemic, High-Protein, Vegan, Energizing, Anti-Oxidizing,  and unfairly delicious.

The perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

This Raw Cacao Mousse is amazing as a dessert (impresses any guest), and still healthy and sustaining enough to be eaten for breakfast!

Recipe coming soon.

Sunny hiking to you, and Enjoy!

Light, Fresh, Simple Costa Rican Scramble

A beautifully simple and deliciously light, sustaining breakfast.

herbeggThese eggs feature minced cilantro, mint, and parsley, but are great with any fresh herbs you like!

Real eggs: Check this website for information on what kind of eggs you’re buying–it’s up to you, but I try to choose the most humane eggs I can find, meaning free range, organic, antibiotic-free, veggie-fed, and no beak clipping. When I’m lucky, like today, I get fresh eggs from a friend!

Why This Combo is Great for Your Body:

Eggs (read this article to buff up on your egg-pronioa), an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, proteins and healthy fats, also happen to be slightly high in sulfur. This is only an issue when it comes to digestion (sulfur, found in foods like broccoli, cabbage and onions, can cause bloating–the last thing you need to start your day with).


Herbs like Mint, Cilanto, Parsley, even Basil, Thyme, and Oregano, are not only high in valuable minerals and chlorophyll, but help aid in digestion and combat bloating (and are great for heartburn, too). These tasty little plants will freshen your breath all day, fill your body with disease-fighting nutrients, and boost the glow of your skin!


1 Tablespoon each: minced Cilantro, Mint, and Green Onion (bottoms) (and/or parsley, basil or any other preferred fresh herb)

real Eggs, whisked together in a bowl

1/2 teaspoon Avocado Oil (or other high-heat oil, or broth, for oil-free)

Himalayan Pink Salt (or other, whole-mineral salt) to taste


1/2 clove minced Garlic


  • Heat a small skillet and add oil until hot in skillet at medium temp.
  • Add whisked eggs to hot pan and sprinkle with a pinch of salt.
  • Add fresh all minced herbs and scramble to preferred doneness.

Serving Suggestions:

With 1 tablespoon vegan mayo, 1/4 sliced avocado, and several ripe, sliced, small tomatoes.

A substantial and lasting breakfast that feels as light as the herbs it features.

So. Good. 

I’m fully addicted.


Perfect Texture Gluten-free Noodles

This is my favorite brand of gluten-free pasta; it holds its al dente texture well into its days of becoming leftovers, and even holds up in homemade soups!


Other kinds of gluten-free noodles either fall apart shortly after cooking, overcook quickly, or are filled with corn, potato, or other unnecessary starches that can pack on the pounds.

With this brand of brown rice pasta, you get excellent texture, most similar to traditional noodles, while avoiding the high sugar (created in your body from simple starches) and hard-to-digest and inflammatory properties of glutenous noodles.

I enjoy the option with added rice bran, because of the exta nutrition, fiber, and chewiness.

Cover in your favorite pesto sauce, or toss with sun-dried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, basil, lemon, garlic and olive oil for a quick, simple and delicious summer dish.


The. Best. Stevia.

Stevia is my favorite 100% sugar-free sweetener.


But, you have to buy the right kind or it’s just plain terrible!

Stevia Rebaudiana is a sweet-tasting plant (sugar-free) native to South America. The compounds in the stevia leaf that taste sweet are called steviol glycosides, and provide a range of sweet and bitter-sweet flavors.

The Healthiest way to consume Stevia is in its whole form, as powdered green leaf.



The most delicious way to consume Stevia, in my experience, is with the following brand:


NuNaturals Stevia. Check your local grocery store for the pure NuNaturals extract (powdered or liquid) to get the sweetest (never bitter) Stevia on the market. You can also check out NuNaturals’ website.

This makes a great sweetener for just about anything. It takes very little to make things sweet and is never bitter or licorice-y tasting.


Benefits of Bentonite Clay

I love starting my day with Bentonite Clay.

image (35)

Bentonite Clay is a naturally sourced clay and an alkalizing supplement which rids your body of pesticides, pathogens and heavy metals, helping your body run smoothly and efficiently.

I notice I feel more balanced and energetic when I consume it– it’s one of my new favorite things to keep around!

How it Works: 

Bentonite clay is comprised of super-absorbent ions with a negative-charge, while most heavy metals and pathogens have a positivecharge. As the surfaces of the clay move through your body, these unwanted toxins are drawn with physical magnetism to the clay. The clay absorbs these particles and releases healthy minerals in place.

I’ve had great luck with this liquid source so far, but in the future I will be using powdered clay–it makes fantastic toothpaste (more on that to come).

image (33)

Check out this article for some important information on Bentonite Clay, and give it a try!